First opened in 1982, today the Bruce Kapson Gallery, specializing in Curtis's vintage photographic works and focusing on the Masterwork Copper Photogravure Printing Plates, is one of the leading authorities on this early 20th-century photographer whose lasting vision would forever change the way the world views the American Indian.

Bruce Kapson is a respected Curtis expert and is widely regarded as the leading research authority on the Master Exhibition Prints and the Copper Photogravure Printing Plates of Edward S. Curtis. He is responsible for several groundbreaking discoveries in the field as a Curtis curator and independent research scholar, and he has appraised major institutional and private collections.

The consulting expert to the world’s largest archive of Original Copper Photogravure Plates from Edward Curtis’s The North American Indian, the Bruce Kapson Gallery is pleased to be now offering these rare, significant, and unique Curtis works for sale to the public.

Please take a moment to look through our varied and one-of-a-kind vintage Curtis inventory, and visit the informational area of the website, All About Edward Curtis, to learn more about this amazing artist — there is a short Curtis biography video as well as essays on the importance of Curtis’ work in the history of photography and defining the vintage original photogravure.

The Bruce Kapson Gallery is the expert source for the original works of Edward S. Curtis.

Vintage Curtis works are sought for purchase or consignment and the Bruce Kapson Gallery always welcomes your inquiries.

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