All About Edward Curtis

Bruce Kapson's involvement with the vintage works of Edward S. Curtis began over 35 years ago when he was a college student and started collecting the work. After graduation, he became a news photographer, but eventually switched careers in 1982, opening the Bruce Kapson Gallery, which specialized in the vintage works of Edward S. Curtis as well as in historic American Indian art.

Mr. Kapson’s fascination with Curtis, this great and uniquely American artist, lead him into a life-long pursuit of study, and his work as a Curtis curator and independent research scholar has resulted in multiple groundbreaking discoveries in the field.

Mr. Kapson is widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on the photographic works of Edward Curtis, and the Bruce Kapson Gallery is considered the expert source for the original work of Edward S. Curtis.

The "All About Edward Curtis" category is an informational Curtis resource. It consists of a series of essays by Bruce Kapson about the different areas of Edward S. Curtis’ work, his life, and his significance in the history of photography.