Zuni Bundled Bear Fetish by Herbert Halate in Jet

This wonderful Zuni fetish carving which captures both the movement and the spirit of the bear is signed by artist Herbert Halate.

It is carved from a single large piece of Jet with the eyes inlaid in Turquoise. The fetish bundle consists of a 1.75 inch Mother Of Pearl arrowhead with Turquoise and is tied with strips of rawhide. It measures a 4 inches in length by approximately 3 inches wide by 2 inches in height.

This is truly an outstanding example of the Zuni art form by an outstanding artist.

The Zuni People, known around the world for their work, have traditionally used small stone carvings of animal figures as power objects and mediators.

The body of the fetish can be shaped or carved of bone, shell, clay, stone or other materials. The carved and polished stones can traditionally be found in the shape of eagles, bears, mountain lions, wolves, badgers, falcons, foxes, corn maidens and many other shapes. Each figure has its own symbolism and strength.
Zuni Bundled Bear Fetish
Herbert Halate circa 2006
4 x 2 in.   Sculpture
$375 Unframed
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